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Conferencing and Collaboration Tools

As many companies are already working remotely, collaboration is of utmost importance. CDP is here to help! We have multiple resources to prepare, deploy and manage a wide-scale rapid deployment of remote-work solutions. This includes conferencing and collaboration tools that allow your employees to meet and share content as if you are in the same room. CDP has many providers like Microsoft Teams or Zoom collaboration and conferencing tools that you and your employees can take advantage of. Contact us today if you wish to learn more!

Microsoft Office 365

Did you know CDP is an authorized Microsoft Partner? If you are considering migrating to Office 365 or upgrading to Windows 10. CDP can assist you with the transition to the latest software and capabilities.


As many people are aware Microsoft Teams is a feature of Office 365. Over the last several months, much attention has been focused on collaboration tools such as Zoom and Teams to better enable remote working environments. What many people may not be aware of are the telephony capabilities of these products. For example, did you know that you can use Microsoft Teams as your business phone system?

There are several ways to accomplish this based on your organization’s IT capabilities. In most cases, additional licensing is required depending upon your preferred method of integration. The next consideration of how active your team will be in the day-to-day administration of voice services in the Team’s environment. CDP can help to design, implement, and support Teams for your organization. To learn more contact or 215.343.5580.

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