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SMS & MMS Texting with CoreNexa

More than ever before, customers are choosing to interact with businesses via text message — and employees are often responding to those texts via a personal number. With CoreNexa SMS, employees can quickly and easily connect with customers at any time, from anywhere and on any device, all through our proven Unified Communications platform.

With CoreNexa SMS, users can send 1-to-1 or group professional text messages (including images, video, and documents!) to customers via CoreNexa UC and Mobile, allowing for quick, seamless business communications on a highly-preferred channel. And because texts come from a business number (even when sent from the user’s personal device), personal information is protected and lines of communication remain consistent at all times.

Benefits of Professional Text Messaging

  • For Employees -CoreNexa SMS enables coworkers — especially virtual or remote employees — to remain connected to customers from virtually anywhere, increasing flexibility and efficiency within their organization. And should the employee leave the company, their communications remain routed to the company through their business phone number.

  • For Customers -Your customers’ lives are busier than ever, and expectations for fast responses and quick turnaround times are rapidly increasing. CoreNexa SMS addresses the demand for instant customer service and allows customers to engage with the business through their preferred channel — whether that means via a voice call or text message.

SMS opens up an essential communications channel so your businesses can accomplish more in a 24-hour period all while providing customers a higher level of convenience and productivity.

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