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Why is data security a concern?

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

It has become commonplace to hear of big security breaches. Every company should be taking their data security very seriously. After all, a data breach typically costs millions of dollars and tarnishes the company’s reputation. For technology to be effective, your customers must be able to trust you and your organization. There is no foolproof method of protecting your company from all types of data breaches. How can you protect your data? We have the resources to assist in these areas. They start with a risk assessment and chart the course for developing an action plan. Here are some tips that your organization can take today. Create a security plan. Many people may think they are too small a business and not a good target for hackers. This, however, is not the case, as hackers will take advantage of lower security and assume less risk when targeting smaller businesses. Protect your data by understanding the laws and regulations, conduct a risk assessment, implement security policies and practices, develop an incident response plan and review insurance coverage for cyber-related incidents. So, to protect your brand and your bottom line, you need to make sure your digital assets are safe and secure. Cyber Insurance is becoming a requirement for many businesses to protect themselves and in many cases require you or your business partners to have a plan in place or their own insurance to reduce potential liability. Understand your risk and responsibility to gain the trust of your business partners.

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