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Our Story 

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Since 2007, we have been helping businesses with their technology needs

Our Story 

What is a Telecom Consultant?

Communications Deployment Partners was founded in 2007 by John Frustaci to deliver a consultative approach to how customers purchase technology services.  As an industry veteran of over 30 years, he has served in a number of consulting, sales and executive roles with various technology/telecom providers before establishing CDP. Conceived as an organization focused on long term relationships with its customers, CDP has achieved steady growth through it's value-focused, personalized approach in achieving customer objectives' CDP continues to be an outsourced technology advocate to thousand's of businesses nationwide. With access to hundreds of providers and a staff of industry experts, we can help find you the best services to fit your company's every need.

Business Meeting

In short, telecom agents work with businesses to help them acquire the best mix of communication, network, and cloud services at favorable prices. Our job is to help you figure out exactly which services
you need to optimize your business performance. We compare offers from multiple competing service providers, negotiate the terms, and make sure you get the best possible pricing to work within your budget. The best part is, we aren't compensated by you, but by the service providers you choose.

Why a Telecom Consultant beats buying direct?

When you work directly with service providers, they will be happy to outfit your business with a full site of services from their company. However, there is pressure from these sales reps to meet sales quotas and push products that may or may not be in the best interests of the customers. Telecom consultants, such as CDP, have access to hundreds of providers and have zero sales quotas to meet. We work with you to find the best technology solutions at the best possible prices to save you time and money. We also can truly become an extension to your business, serving as your single point of contact on all things related to your technology services. While sales reps at carriers come and go, CDP will understand your business and be your trusted, ongoing advisor as your business grows and your service needs evolve. All of that, at little or no cost to you.

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