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Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Allow CDP to Connect Your Business to the Right Solutions


CDP provides the insight of subject matter experienced professionals who help you maximize the return on your communications investments and achieve higher communications value. Our solutions are unbiased and designed to best meet your individual business needs and deliver the best value for your company through initial environment analysis, network assessment and design, and improved management processes.  The results of our methodology enable you to operate more efficiently, achieve measurable improvements in productivity, and reduce your total cost of ownership.

Telecom Auditing

Auditing your telecom expenses is the first step to understanding how to control your company’s communications costs. According to analysts, 85% of the telecom invoices customers receive from vendors have billing errors, costing organizations up to 12% of their annual telecom expenses in inflated costs. CDP can help you better understand your communication costs by analyzing your current invoices

Inventory and Asset Management

CDP Inventory and Asset Management services are designed to manage all Telco and IT assets and infrastructures by establishing and maintaining a single inventory database of network services derived from billing

Telecom Expense Management (TEM)Services

If your company is embarking on new Telecom Expense Management initiatives, consider using the professional consulting services available through Communications Deployment Partners.

Invoice Processing and Management

Proper invoice processing is a critical challenge for many companies today. Consider what this margin of error could mean for your corporation.

Mobility Management

The mobility landscape can be confusing, time-consuming, and unnecessarily expensive for managers who don’t speak the telecom language or have the time to keep current on all of the available pricing and usage plans.

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