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Let Us Be Your Advocate

Allow CDP to Connect Your Business to the Right Solutions

If your company is embarking on new Telecom Expense Management initiatives, consider using the professional consulting services available through Communications Deployment Partners. The professionals at CDP have the background and expertise to provide you with best practices and recommendations that can create real savings in your telecom budget while improving quality and visibility for your overall telecom services.

CDP’s telecom consulting services give you an edge with regard to:

Business intelligence

From Historical Audits to in-depth reporting capabilities, CDP’s consultants can help you determine your organization’s most important priorities with a thorough review of telecom expense data.


Technical Support for telecom and data services requires a specialized skill set that can be difficult to find and expensive to hire. However, when you take advantage of the outsourced resources available at CDP, you can rest assured that you will have knowledgeable professionals at your disposal around the clock.

Contract negations and services

CDP can help you during vendor selection and negotiations. Not only can we provide valuable consulting during an RFP process, but we can also advise you on how to get the best rates and terms for new services or contracts.


We have the expertise and knowledge to guide your Telecom Expense actions!

With over 70 years of combined industry experience, CDP offers you unparalleled proficiency in telecom expense management and software development. By consulting with CDP from the start, you can achieve greater cost savings and better visibility. The goals, programs, and actions you establish will benefit from in-depth industry knowledge developed over two decades of helping companies like yours with their telecom expense management needs.

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