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Most companies today are managing a vast array of multifarious voice, data, and wireless assets, often disbursed across various geographic regions, service providers, and business entities. Consequently, many enterprises find it difficult to manage and maintain centralized telecom inventory procurement procedures on an enterprise-wide basis.

One of the most important elements in any telecom expense reduction exercise is to understand your inventory of services and equipment.

Without accurate inventory and asset management, your organization may risk over-spending due to:

  • Billing errors

  • Sub-par network designs

  • Inaccurate bill payment

  • Inefficient purchasing decisions due to the lack of business intelligence

Inventory management challenges include:

  • Ordering procedures and approvals

  • Verification of services and devices ordered

  • Verification of services and devices turned off

  • Enterprise-wide device tracking

  • Reporting and visibility by business unit, department, service type, ROI and numerous other important business intelligence criteria

Business Meeting

CDP Inventory and Asset Management services are designed to manage all Telco and IT assets and infrastructures by establishing and maintaining a single inventory database of network services derived from billing. CDP will capture all ongoing changes to your invoices and reconcile these against provisioning information. We will validate that all inventory changes are accurately reflected and billed correctly, thereby keeping the integrity of the inventory asset information close to 99.9%.

Understand Your Inventory of Services and Equipment

Allow CDP to Connect Your Business to the Right Solutions

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