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It's time to put your WiFi to work for you with WiFi engagement & analytics.

Transform your existing wireless connection into a revenue-generating tool that helps you build visitor profiles, optimize safety, and improve visitor engagement.

Whether your business is in retail, gaming, healthcare, this cloud-based analytics platform provides your business with an overlay to your existing WiFi infrastructure by gathering intelligence even before they connect to your guest WiFi. Capture real-time visitor data and insights including name, age, gender, social interests, contact information, frequency of visits, and more. You can also capture detailed information about how visitors move around your venue and utilize space through a variety of reports including footfall, zone flow, heatmaps, dwell, and dots on the map. All the data collected is stored within a centralized, enterprise-class reporting suite, ready for you to analyze and use to make informed decisions.

  • Capture real-time visitor data and insights

  • Deliver personalized marketing campaigns to increase spend

  • Optimize your space based on how your visitors move around

  • Provide indoor and outdoor blue dot location tracking

  • Increase safety through occupancy tracking for situations such as COVID-19

  • Gather valuable customer feedback

  • Enhance asset tracking for critical equipment

  • Increase storefront conversions

  • Drive loyalty scheme participation

  • Monetize your WiFi

Ready to see it in action?

Check out the demo to see how this intelligent portal works and how it can help your business improve operations, increase customer engagement, and drive revenue.

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