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Does your company regularly reach out to customers through email and phone calls? Many consumer-facing businesses are noticing decreases in engagement with their potential customers because they're inundated with emails and cold calls while social media advertising can be expensive. SMS Texting may be the answer you’re looking for! Cutting through the noise to reach your customers faster is 20x more effective than email. Let’s face it…it's getting harder to engage prospects with email and banner ads. There's a better way! Business SMS text messaging delivers:

  • 98% Open Rate. Nearly every text message is opened, compared to only 1 in 5 emails.

  • 95% Read Rate. Almost all text messages are considered priority communications and read within 3 minutes.

  • 75% Engagement Rate. People wouldn't mind receiving an SMS text message from a brand.

  • 45% Response Rate. Nearly half of all texts get a response while marketers are content with 5% for email.

With SMS, your customers can communicate quickly and conveniently with your support teams, avoid calling queues, sitting on hold, and being transferred repeatedly – all situations that increase customer dissatisfaction. Plus, they have a text record they can refer to when your support teams provide detailed assistance or instructions. Ready to break through the noise with SMS Marketing?

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