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Three Tips to Use When Working Remotely

As governments have ordered businesses to close and citizens to practice “social-distancing”, more Americans are working remotely than ever before. For some, working from home may be a part of their daily routine. However, for others, it is unfamiliar territory that may require a bit of an adjustment. We wanted to share three tips we are practicing at CDP that has helped make the transition from office to our homes smooth and enjoyable.

Establishing Your Space:

Having a dedicated space to work is a key aspect when working from home. Setting aside an area that you can call your “professional zone” will help you get into “work-mode” whenever you sit down. Make sure this space is clean, organized and free of distractions. If you are used to a formal office, it may help to replicate that environment in your work-from-home space. For example, if you have a two-monitor set up at the office, it may be useful to do the same at home.

Set up a Schedule:

For me, creating a to-do list every morning is a necessary task to ensure my day runs according to plan. Setting up a strict schedule can help you and your team stay on track with your deliverables when working remotely. It is as simple as scheduling a conference call with your team to discuss objectives for the day or sending a daily email to present the tasks each team member is responsible for. Whichever way you to decide to go, make sure your team has a schedule and sticks to it the best they can.

Check in Constantly:

There is nothing wrong with over-communication! Update your boss frequently on everything you are working on, give them a call and ask for advice, communicate with your co-workers so you are all on the same page. When working remotely, you can easily lose the communication you are familiar with having at the office. Make sure you stay in touch and do so often.

If you have any work home from home tips you would like to share, please drop them in the comments below! We would love to hear what you are doing to stay on top of tasks while being remote 😊

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