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Why you should use SMS as a service channel.

Aside from the reliability of SMS messaging, texts are quick, cost-effective and results can very quickly be analyzed. It’s efficient, simple to set up and use, and has an almost immediate impact on responses and sales opportunities. SMS also has several advantages over email and other marketing activities.

Text messaging has overtaken the use of direct calling, yet still provides a 2-way personal conversation. According to mobilesquared, 90% of text messages are opened and read within 3 minutes. That kind of attention to marketing material is invaluable to organizations like yours.

As a marketing tool, SMS has really grown in recent years. Organizations have found a way to adapt and optimize SMS for use as a service tool. Using SMS text messaging for your business can help to:

  • Increase customer retention.

  • Develop greater brand loyalty.

  • Provide immediate communication.

  • Attract new customers.

  • Increase overall sales.

  • Provide a profitable ROI (Return on investment).

Today we are inundated with messages from all different forms of communication, including email, messaging apps, snail mail, social media, telemarketing, and more. Choosing the most effective way to communicate is essential to any business. TDS can help choose the platform for SMS texting to best suit your organization’s needs. We can help your company get your message out to your customers quickly and easily. The benefits of text messaging are hard to ignore, and many organizations like yours are choosing this simple and effective way to communicate.

How does SMS text messaging work as a service?

For those customers who opt-in to your services and provide a mobile number, you can use that detail (with permission) as a communication and marketing medium. CoreNexa SMS allows you to send text messages, photos, videos, and documents to customers at any time, from anywhere, and from any device via the CoreNexa UC Client and mobile app. And because messages still come from a business number (even when they’re sent from an employee’s personal device), communications stay routed to the proper channels while protecting user’s personal information.

Unlike email which is seriously fighting against spam and different junk email filters, SMS is safe. Mobile phones don’t have a spam box, so upon hitting the send button, you can be sure your marketing message has arrived safely. If the mobile phone is switched off or out of the signal, SMS will be delivered within 48 hours of being sent.

SMS opens up an essential communications channel so your businesses can accomplish more in a 24-hour period all while providing customers a higher level of convenience and productivity. To learn more, contact or 215.343.5580.

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