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Enhance Your Communication with Speech-to-Text Technology

Is voicemail becoming obsolete? Many people hope so. It's common for individuals to avoid checking voicemails from unknown numbers, and those who do must endure potentially lengthy messages or wait until they find a quiet space to listen.

Manually adding information from voicemails to client records can slow down processes and introduce errors. This is where speech-to-text technology comes in.

Seamless Speech-to-Text Integration

Partnering with multiple industry leaders in the VOIP world, integrated speech-to-text solution transcribes incoming voicemails with impressive accuracy (85-90%) and sends the text directly to your email, while also saving the original audio message as a .wav file. Employees can quickly scan transcriptions to determine the urgency of messages, streamlining response times. These transcriptions can be easily added to client files or CRM software, ensuring information is always accessible and accurate. Further enhancements can be had when combining speech to text with enhanced AI.

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