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Printer Services- New Revenue Opportunity

Does your organization sell, support, and manage printers?  Who do your clients call ifthey have printer issues? Have your customer’s printers been secured?  Looking for new income? CDP has a new partner program designed for you to engage in providing printer services for your clients.  We have partners that lease and sell printer hardware and the commission is all paid up front at the time of the sale.   Whether buying or leasing, once the deal is closed and funded you will be paid within 30 days of the funding.  The funding could be for 36 or 60 months.  You now have a great opportunity to provide your clients with another service, earn substantial commissions and charge and support for another layer of service.  This will allow you to not only make more income but add another level of stickiness with your client and provide your client with additional security services. 

Reach out to CDP today and we can show you how we can help improve your bottom line and your relationship with your client. 

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