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3 Benefits of VoIP for Business

Telephones are essential when it comes to communication within the business world. Today, the cost of traditional phone systems can have your business paying a pretty hefty amount. Wouldn’t it be nice if I told you there was an alternative? Good news is… there is! If you are not familiar with VoIP, now is the time to learn about the next step in the evolution of the phone.

What is VoIP?

To understand how VoIP can help your business, you must first know what it is. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. What this means is instead of using a traditional phone line to talk to others, you are using an Internet connection.

The Benefits

1. Lower Costs

Cost savings is one of the benefits of VoIP that any business can appreciate. The cost of installing phone lines quickly adds up, especially if your business makes long-distance calls regularly. VoIP can reduce call costs by as much as 30-50%. Therefore, so many businesses are considering the switch.

2. Mobile Capabilities

Unlike traditional phone lines, VoIP does not have to be restricted solely to in-office use. In short, if your employee can connect to the internet, they are able to make voice calls.

3. More Features

Many users are surprised by the versatility and functionality of VoIP. There are many enhancements on standard phone functions such as the ability to put callers on hold or transfer calls. They offer the ability to have voice messages sent to email inboxes, route calls intelligently, call multiple phones at once until someone pics up or organize group calls.

VoIP offers a range of benefits to business users and can help your company save money while also hugely increasing efficiency. If you still have a conventional phone system in place, perhaps it’s time to consider the alternative. VoIP can revolutionize efficiency, connectivity and productivity in your office. Contact CDP today to learn more at 215-343-5580 or

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