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Cyberattacks are Happening every 14 seconds

Talking about cybersecurity may seem repetitive to you but stealing companies' data for ransom has become commonplace. These crimes have resulted in missed critical health appointments, delayed ambulances, lost school days, transportation problems, and more. A ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline in May led to gas shortages and even dangerous situations caused by panic buying. This past week, hackers compromised the JBS meat processing company, leading to worries about meat shortages or other key food providers being at risk. Cyber-attacks are a part of our reality that should concern all business leaders. Cybersecurity risks aren’t just restricted to large-scale firms, your business partners, suppliers, and customers can and will fall prey to cybercrime schemes. According to a report, it only takes five minutes to hack all your connected devices. Cyberattacks are happening every 14 seconds and you are likely to be affected by them eventually. Today, with the growing attack surface created by remote workers, outdated technology, inadequate defenses, and traditionally tight cybersecurity budgets, ransomware can be especially profitable for attackers preying on businesses and governments alike. Does your company have the ability to recover from a cyber-attack or the potential legal exposures you may face as a result? CDP can connect you to industry experts to help write your organization a successful cybersecurity plan. A cyber-attack is seeming to be inevitable… How are you protecting your organization?

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