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Transform Your Guest Experience with Ooma

Updated: Jun 18

At CDP, we are committed to delivering exceptional hospitality technology solutions. One of our esteemed partners, Ooma, offers cutting-edge cloud-based services that enhance every interaction with your hotel guests, from booking to check-out. Their advanced solutions improve the experience for both guests and employees, fostering lasting brand loyalty. Ooma provides a comprehensive, all-in-one package tailored to your hospitality needs, including automated guest amenities, cloud-based phone systems, and dependable internet services.

Ooma's easy-to-manage VoIP hotel phone system features transparent pricing, top-notch security, and support from hospitality experts. A standout feature is their Cloud PBX Phone Systems and POTS Replacement, offering unlimited calling across the US, Canada, and Mexico, along with a user-friendly web portal for easy system adjustments.

The Ooma mobile app ensures you never miss an important call, while their advanced call analytics continually enhance the guest experience. Their Automated Guest Amenities allow you to personalize the guest experience, boosting revenue and brand loyalty. Keep your guests informed with special messages and offers, promote your property’s amenities, and streamline check-out procedures.

Ooma’s SIP Trunking provides advanced voice capabilities for all your calling needs. As a direct partner with multiple carriers, Ooma guarantees the best rates and sophisticated call routing to ensure every call reaches the right destination. With CDP and Ooma as your partners, you are fully equipped to deliver outstanding experiences in the hospitality sector.

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