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The Power of SD-WAN with MPLS and UCaaS

Demand for SD-WAN continues to grow; fueled by organizations need for greater bandwidth, increased usage of cloud-based applications and continued trend of remote workforces. End-users needs are changing network traffic patterns and, in turn, require a more efficient connectivity solution that offers a sophisticated foundation for productivity, voice, and data quality.


As hype of SD-WAN dies down, IT leaders are realizing that the technology does not need to replace MPLS or other connectivity solutions. Instead, SD-WAN complements them and enhances network functionalities, providing transparency and a better end-user experience. When implementing SD-WAN, customers’ existing network does not go away, but instead becomes the underlay technology. MPLS, for example, is still needed for guaranteed QoS end-to-end, particularly for verticals that require secure and compliant transmissions of data.


SD-WAN is a perfect match for latency sensitive voice and video applications, such as UCaaS. SD-WAN can improve voice quality, reducing issues around packet loss, jitter, etc. that make for a poor user experience. For example, a voice application can run on one internet connection and be failed over to another in the event there is an issue, maintaining the voice session, without the user being impacted.

If your business is interested in learning more about the power of SD-WAN with MPLS and UCaaS, contact us today at 215-343-5580 or email us directly at One of our experts will be happy to assist you!

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