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Cyber threats from your printer?

Many office printers connect to wireless networks these days, which introduces an array of security vulnerabilities. Threat actors can potentially manipulate printers into connecting to fraudulent and dangerous networks. Hackers can then use wireless printers as a vector to spread malware and even print false and harmful documents. 

When was the last time you checked to see if your printers had been secured?  Are the companies you’re working with managing and monitoring these printers?  Are they accountable for attacks? If not, who is?  Chances are like most small businesses; your printers have been left unattended putting you into a potentially dangerous situation. 

CDP has partners that not only sell, manage, and support small business printers, but make sure you have all aspects of your security covered.  It only takes one small vulnerability to potentially shut your business down or lose hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Why risk it.   Please call CDP today to make sure you have the protection you deserve. 

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