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Cybersecurity Trends to Prepare for in 2020

There is no doubt that in 2020 cybersecurity attacks will accelerate and the tactics will evolve. We will see greater volumes of attacks and as businesses adopt new innovations, new vulnerabilities to threats will surface. From data breaches and IT security staff shortages to security automation and integration, lets take a quick look at three cybersecurity trends that are likely to shape the cybersecurity landscape in 2020.

1. Data Breaches as the Top Cyberthreat

Data breaches continue to be reported as the biggest cybersecurity concern, and this is likely to continue for as long as personal data remains a valuable black market commodity. Ensuring data privacy, and especially the security of personal data, is likely to remain top of mind for organizations. With web application flaws being a leading source of data breaches, ensuring web application security has become a top priority for all organizations.

2. Cloud Security Issues

As business processes, infrastructure, and data are increasingly moved to the cloud, protecting information and critical infrastructure requires completely new approaches to enterprise security. Cloud-based threats will inevitably continue to grow, with organizations struggling to maintain control of critical data and ensure real-time threat intelligence. Organizations are discovering that manual security management is no longer feasible for large web application infrastructures, which is forcing them to rethink their approach to web application security.

3. Cyber Insurance

With all of the cyber threats that our world faces, cyber insurance has quickly become a growing need for small-to-medium enterprises and large corporations. The global loss associated with cyber hacks and extortion is estimated at 11.5 million dollars for 2019. As data breaches continue to make headlines, you can be certain that cyber insurance will be growing for years to come.

Cyber threats are constantly evolving and it is important to make sure your business is protected. Get in touch to find out how we can help your business minimize risk effectively and efficiently. Call us directly at 215-343-5580 or send us an email to

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