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Debunking Common Myths of Cloud-Based Security

Once thought of as a playground for hackers and cyber-attacks, the cloud has continued to garner greater trust among organizations – and with good reason. Many small and medium-sized businesses are now joining larger enterprises in accepting the true value of cloud-based security solutions – creating a perfect sales opportunity.

Cloud-based security quickly and easily adapts to ever-changing systems and applications while eradicating the need for on-going hardware updating or maintenance. The most common usages include securing web and email gateways, identity, and access management (IAM) and remote vulnerability assessment. As the popularity of cloud-computing continues to progress so will the undeniable need for cloud-based security. Many companies rely on cloud providers for greater access to the same security but with the ability to accommodate a mobile workforce. The cloud tends to be more flexible although not necessarily more secure, but many companies are making significant strides to quell the myths about insecurity.

Debunk Common Myths

Myth 1: The cloud is insecure.

The Reality: Vulnerability depends on the security systems in place. Cloud-based security providers make colossal efforts to maintain the strongest security measures and employ a team of experts with advanced technical skills.

Myth 2: You lose control of your data in the cloud.

The Reality: CDP connects customers with the most trusted and reputable cloud service providers to better protect your data. It is common practice for providers to comply with strict industry regulations and guidelines concerning data control.

Myth 3: Users in the cloud can spy on each other.

The Reality: Hypervisors exist within the cloud to separate customers and prevent access by unauthorized users. Providers follow their own protocol to further block intrusions but unfortunately, cloud users face data threats the same as on-premises security.

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