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The Benefits of DRaaS for Your SMB

In the event of a man-made or natural catastrophe, Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) has the capability to replicate and recover an organization’s entire digital infrastructure, including data, storage, servers, applications, and software. Organizations that are exposed to volatile environments or unpredictable weather conditions should especially consider DRaaS as an investment in their back-up strategy and an important component to their business continuity plan. DRaaS is a great first step for companies looking to assess the cloud. Many SMBs are adopting DRaaS because it means they don’t have to create and maintain their own off-site data recovery environment but can rely on an outside provider to get them back in business as soon as possible if disaster strikes.

The Benefits of DRaaS

Cost Effective: in house disaster recovery programs tend to be expensive due to the recurring costs for maintenance and IT support. Your company can expect to see reduced costs over time when implementing DRaaS

Faster Recovery Time: after a disaster strikes, it is common for companies to have a down time. However, the longer your company takes to recover, the more money your business will lose. DRaaS can have you back in business within 15 minutes or less compared to in-house solutions.

Greater Access: Since DRaaS is a cloud-based solution, you will have the capability to access your system from wherever you are if you have an internet connection. This means if you are forced out of your business location, you will still be able to run your business from another location.

Both man-made and natural disasters can cost your SMB a fortune. It is important to ensure you have an effective disaster recovery plan in place. To learn more about the ways DRaaS will ensure the security and continuity of your business, contact us today!

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