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Guarding Against Cyber Threats: Lessons from Bucks County and How CDP Can Help Secure Your Business

Is your company prepared for the threat of cyber attacks? Every day, businesses like yours face the risk of being targeted by malicious actors seeking to exploit vulnerabilities in their systems. Recent events, such as the cyberattack on Bucks County's computer-aided dispatch system in Pennsylvania, serve as a stark reminder of the very real dangers posed by cyber threats.

In the case of Bucks County, officials reported a "cybersecurity incident" that impacted the county's CAD system, leading to the shutdown of some automated features associated with 911 calls. While phone and radio systems remained operational, the incident highlighted the potential disruptions and chaos that can arise from such attacks. This incident underscores the importance of having robust cybersecurity measures in place to protect against potential breaches.

It's not just large corporations that are at risk. Small businesses, which account for 43% of cyber attacks annually, are increasingly becoming targets. On average, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) lose $25,000 due to cyber attacks. With stakes this high, it's crucial for businesses of all sizes to prioritize cybersecurity. Fortunately, companies like CDP have trusted partners who can provide the necessary expertise and solutions to safeguard against cyber threats.

Considering the alarming statistics surrounding cyber attacks, it's clear that businesses need to take proactive steps to protect themselves. Small businesses receive the highest rate of targeted malicious emails, with one in 323 being malicious. Additionally, 87% of small businesses have customer data that could be compromised in an attack, highlighting the importance of implementing cybersecurity measures. With the right approach and support from experienced professionals, businesses can mitigate the risks associated with cyber threats and ensure the security of their operations.

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