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Know the Threats

Small and medium sized businesses continue to be continual targets of cyber attacks. These threats are getting more refined and relentless since hackers and cyber criminals see SMBs as not only vulnerable but easy targets. It is common to see SMBs have the mindset that hackers have no interest in hacking them because they are too small to be worth attacking. This is simply not the case. According to the National Cyber Security Alliance, research found small and medium sized businesses that incur a cyber attack are likely to be out of business within six months of an attack. Malware is one of the most prevalent threats to SMBs. To break into your company, a hacker is going to most likely use one of the following methods:

Ransomware: Malware that locks computers and encrypts the data, preventing businesses access, often until ransom is paid

Phishing: Entices users to click an email or attachment containing a virus that then infects their computer, and possibly other machines.

Malvertizing: Short for “malware advertising,” it consists of delivering malware to a network after a user clicks on an apparently legitimate ad.

Clickjacking: Hiding hyperlinks to compromised web pages in website links where users reveal personal data, which is then stolen.

Drive-By-Downloads: A dirty trick that downloads malware into networks. Sometimes from a pop-up window or even a comprised website.

The unfortunate reality is that cyber threats don’t discriminate against the size, type or location of a business, and the need for security measures has never been greater than it is today. Contact Communications Deployment Partners today to learn how to protect your business!

Call (215) 343-5580 to speak with a representative, and visit their website for a full breakdown of the services they offer to Montgomery County businesses. 

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