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Microsoft Teams and Zoom?

So, what if you can’t choose between Microsoft Teams and Zoom?

Microsoft Teams is excellent if you’re already in a Microsoft 365 environment but it does have limitations for audio-only conferencing without the proper licenses. Zoom is a better fit for larger conferences and/or requires audio-only (dial-in) capability. As for cost, Zoom is billed per account and is dependent on the number of attendees you would be hosting on a call whereas Team conferencing is included in M365 licensing.

When it comes to features, both Zoom and Teams enable online meetings, chats, calls, screen sharing, and file sharing. The difference between the two is really Microsoft's integration between Teams and its Office 365 stack. This enables Microsoft Teams to truly be a one-stop-shop for many organizations. Zoom stands out for a number of reasons. The system is easy to use, is available in multiple price points that can fit any business's budget, offers phone services, and is reliable. Both tools facilitate and improve collaboration by giving internal and external teams easy ways to communicate.

Choosing the right tools for your organization is key. CDP can help navigate the best fit for your organization.

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