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Rising Costs and Alternatives: The Changing Landscape of Phone Services

In recent years, traditional phone service providers have been steadily decommissioning their copper based infrastructure or increasing the rates for Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) lines and PRI services, citing the rising costs of maintenance and repair as a primary reason. POTS lines, which have been a reliable communication infrastructure for decades, are composed of copper wires and analog technology, making them more expensive to maintain compared to modern digital alternatives. While many of our customers have switched their voice services to cloud-based services (VoIP, UCaaS), some services still require a POTS line (elevator lines, security and fire alarms, fax, etc.) As an alternative to traditional POTS lines, several providers are promoting wireless POTS options, which offer more flexibility and reliability. These systems utilize cellular networks and internet services to connect to the PSTN while providing a traditional POTS handoff to your equipment. Moreover, they are certified to use with fire alarm and other emergency systems, providing a seamless transition while keeping your costs in check.

CDP has partnered with Ooma and other wireless POTS providers to deliver these cost-effective and modern solutions, empowering users to transition seamlessly into the future of communication. Don't forget to watch the accompanying video to see the many benefits of this technology upgrade!

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