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Find out how your business can save money on your business phone and Internet services with these quick tips!

Since phones and the Internet are a necessity for a business to run, it can be an easy cost to overlook. Are you aware of what you are currently spending and why? CDP has been successful in finding savings for our customers with their monthly phone and Internet services. Although CDP can provide a full analysis of all your bills including local and long-distance charges, T1/PRI services, Internet, and more, we wanted to give you a few quick tips to save money on your business phone and Internet services.

Tip 1: Eliminate phone features you don’t need or use.

This could include call waiting, call return, anonymous call rejection, and much more. Look at your latest phone bill and see if there are features listed that you are no longer using. If you stop and question a feature, then there is a good chance you are not using it and probably won’t anytime soon.

Tip 2: Bundle your services.

If you are currently receiving Internet and phone service from separate providers, consider using the same provider for both. Most carriers will offer discounted bundle pricing. Talk to a representative at CDP if you are interested in learning about different carriers and which would be right for your business.

Tip 3: Eliminate frill services.

If you are paying for internet packages that include web hosting, virus protection, or any service that you are already receiving from another provider, eliminate the services or drop down to a less expensive plan that does not include unneeded features.

Unsure if you are spending more than you should on the business phone and Internet services?

Don’t fret, CDP is here to help! We provide a full analysis of all bills and make sure you are not spending more than what you use or need. TDS works with major carriers such as Verizon, Comcast, NetCarrier, AT&T, and much more to find the best services for your business. Focus on growing your business while utilizing our partnership and expertise. Contact us today at or 215.343.5580.

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