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Who wants to take notes?

Have you ever ended a phone call with a customer and tried to replay what was said in your head? Or maybe you forgot a key piece of information a customer shared with you about their unique case. This is where call transcriptions come in handy. These days, call recordings and call t#000000ranscriptions are an important part of an effective customer service experience. Call transcription is the process of converting conversations that take place via phone call — whether VoIP or traditional phone — into written words. (This is also known as speech-to-text transcription.) Real-time transcripts provide several benefits to your employees, allowing them to focus more on the call and less on their notes. Staff isn’t forced to switch back-and-forth between note-taking and active listening since transcriptions capture every word and detail. In contact center settings, Voice Intelligence (VI) can read the tone of a customer’s voice to help determine their mood…alerting supervisors when needed to assist with difficult situations and foster better engagement with your customers. When having your calls transcribed into written form, you can search through the data easily and the ability to analyze all the data can be a huge benefit for a company. Call transcription has numerous benefits that have the ability to help your service team improve support and more effectively assist customers on a regular basis.

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